I hate backtracking, but I will – only a little

Much of what I talk about is the soundness of the principles involved.  Nuclear Energy is sensible, clean, and gets rid of filthy, rotten coal and oil.  But we live in a flawed world.  I don’t pretend to completely understand just how bad the regulatory capture is at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, but I can imagine.  I’ve been seeing a lot of stories about how screwed up it is.  I continue to be a proponent of responsible nuclear energy – like Thorium reactors. We need to get the lobbyists out of Washington.  I think it will take an Amendment to the Constitution, but it’s worth it.  We can’t run this country yet on wind and solar alone.  People won’t sacrifice quality of life to save a few kilowatts.  So, we have to find the power – and nuclear is the only viable alternative to nasty fossil fuels.  As soon as there is a workable fusion reactor design, or a working space-based solar platform, believe me – I will be onboard to shut down all fission reactors.

Video Below: