Japan unable to run country without Nuclear Power

Following Japan’s 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami, The Fukushima reactor was shut down, followed by a shut down of all nuclear reactors.  These reactors supplied 30% of the power to the country of Japan, and the country has had to make up the difference by burning more fossil fuels and implementing a nationwide conservation effort.  Even with these measures, it seems that the country still cannot function without additional power – and there is no other solution right now – other than to bring some reactors online.   According the Japanese PM, it a matter of survival.  This puts a fine point on what I have been saying – Ounce for ounce, nuclear energy produced more power than anything else on the planet.  What we need is a slow, 100-year transition plan to get away from nuclear, but we may actually have to build a few more in the mean time until we can find a better solution.