Japanese Nuclear Reactor goes online – Needs of reality outweigh desire for a nuclear-free Japan.

It turns out that Japan, like most other countries in the world, is highly-dependent upon electricity. From an article in USA Today, the government has authorized the restarting of the Ohi nuclear plant in Fukui.  I suspect that this measure is a move by the government to prevent brown-outs and black-outs  – which lead to economic loss, and in more  extreme cases –  population unrest.   Any society that goes without electricity for too long will become a law-enforcement nightmare – even in ultra-safe Japan.  This particular reactor is not on the coast – but in central Japan – so, even in the event of an earthquake, there is no fear of a tsunami.  I think this is a temporary solution until Japan can harness tidal, solar and wind energy on a more massive scale – maybe another decade or so.